Challenges when recruiting testers – numbers 2 & 3

Continuing the theme on recruitment with challenge….. 

Number 2 – People are not always honest on their CV’s.

It’s a shocking statement I know, but sadly it is true.

I am not naive enough to think that people don’t embellish a little, but there are times I despair!

The main thing to look out for is where something you are looking for (let’s use Selenium as an example) is on the job advert. The CV contains the word ‘Selenium’ somewhere in the personal statement or list of skills, but strangely when you do a search for ‘Selenium’, it isn’t anywhere else in the CV. So basically it has been added so that whoever does the first screening finds it and sends it on to the next person.

Another is where the candidate is taking credit for something they didn’t actually do or only partly did. Words such as ‘We’ are a giveaway. ‘We implemented a new automation framework’. Hmmm, yes, great, but who is ‘we’, and what was your contribution? Ah, you watched and they did the actual setting up. Brilliant!

Do candidates really think that they can get through the door and not get found out? Or are they hoping to swot up the night before their new job???

Number 3 – Using words such as ‘Involved in’ or ‘Knowledge of’.

This is a classic! Such careful use of words implies that the applicant knows all of the things that are on the CV, but is trying to vary the words to avoid being repetitive (every line saying ‘Extensive use of…..’ would be boring).

Ok, fair enough, but I have seen too many CV’s that list skills that I am led to believe are something that the candidate has done/can do, only to probe in a phone interview and find they actually haven’t done it at all. The responses are things such as:

  • I paired with someone and saw them writing the tests,
  • I looked into this one evening/one weekend but havent used it at work, 
  • I read about it somewhere before I came here today…

The list goes on.

I have knowledge of the men’s downhill bobsleigh, but only because I have seen it on the TV. It does not make me qualified in any way at all.

Golden rule….DO NOT LIE! It just wastes people’s time – the recruiting manager’s and the candidate’s.


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