Challenges when recruiting testers – number 5

Continuing the series, and number 5 on my hit-list of recruitment challenges is using different fonts and sizes on a CV.

Let me clarify – it is absolutely fine to have a header in one font and the paragraph or bullet points in another, but the issue is where there is a mixture of fonts and sizes within one paragraph or section.

Don’t get me wrong – I do not specifically look for these sorts of things, they just jump out at me. It could be due to my many years of testing, looking for things that are out of sync, but from a hiring manager’s perspective it can be a good thing to spot…..

An example is where I have put out a job advert where we are looking for a specific skill, and I’ll use Selenium again. If I see that a CV has ‘Selenium’ added to a list of tools that the candidate professes to have experience of, and it is in a different font to the other tools, or the same font but a different size, it looks as though the candidate has added it to the CV just before sending off to apply for the role.

Again, it seems a bit picky, but when you add it to spelling mistakes and vague language, you can start to build up a picture of a candidate. If someone has amended their CV to better fit the job specification, that in itself is not a problem (as long as they are being truthful about their experiences, and not just adding bits to look good), as they could be doing housekeeping and removing irrelevant areas.

But it does lead to wondering whether they do have Selenium experience or are they just trying to get through the first screening by adding it in? Do I want to spend time on the phone asking questions only to find they don’t have this and I have wasted my time? Candidates can miss out on interviews just through carelessness.

Once again, attention to detail is expected of a tester, so font types, sizes and alignment should be spot on!


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