Challenges when recruiting testers – number 8

Recruiting challenge number 8 is…..late cancellations or not turning up for interviews.

Most of what I have blogged about up until now has covered CV’s, but moving on from that there is the challenge of getting someone actually in to see me.

So many times within the last 15 years that I have been involved in interviewing, I have spent time preparing for either a phone or face to face interview, only to find that candidates cancel at very short notice (1 minute beforehand was the record!), or do not turn up at all and do not tell me. I find this very rude to be honest, and extremely unprofessional. It is basic good manners to tell someone in good time if you are unable to make an interview!

There have been some bizarre excuses (when candidates have bothered to make them), including one from a lady who got offered a job 2 hours before a face to face interview, so did not turn up. When we phoned her, she was surprised! Was I supposed to be able to guess that she would have been offered a job? 

As a manager, recruiting takes so much time, so this is really unhelpful and I could be spending the time on other things, rather than preparing for a candidate, and sitting around waiting for them.

I treat candidates with respect – they deserve my time in preparing for the interview given that they have taken time off work to attend in person or over the phone. All I ask in return is that candidates show me respect, and turn up if arranged, or cancel with a decent amount of notice!


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