Challenges when recruiting testers – numbers 9 & 10

The final two recruiting challenges are lumped together as they both involve time

Number 9 – Passing the interview and then failing the HR test!

This is very annoying – it has only happened a few times but it does show that having a verbal reasoning test is actually very useful.

It also means that the candidate answered the questions, and passed my “tester’s test”, but struggles with the verbal reasoning questions. Now I must admit that you can be a good tester and not necessarily ace these, and I have taken on people who didn’t do as well as we had hoped, but still within the expected range, however when someone gets the lowest score you have ever seen, it rings alarm bells!

Number 10 – Time!

So much time and effort goes into recruiting:

  • Thinking about the role – where it sits, what level the role needs to be at, salary level, and how it fits in with the existing team structure, what project or work stream allocate to etc.
  • Thinking about the person – level of seniority, level of mandatory skills needed and skills that are desirable, amount of experience etc.
  • Sorting out the job ad and associated marketing (if it is you that does it rather than a dedicated HR person),
  • Reading through CV’s, assessing against the job requirements,
  • Planning the phone interview questions,
  • Speaking to the candidate and doing the admin afterwards (feeding back),
  • Planning the face to face interview questions,
  • Seeing the candidate!
  • Reviewing afterwards,
  • Repeating the last 5 steps if the first candidate was not suitable

And so on.

Then of course when you find someone, you need to plan for their first day/week/3 month probation period – goals, training, knowledge acquisition etc, but that’s for another time!




One thought on “Challenges when recruiting testers – numbers 9 & 10

  1. Blasted HR – They can do the job? check! They want to do the job? Check you want to work with them? Check! Hr interview – FAIL. Horrible and hear breaking situation for all. I wrote a blog last night about Recruitment process’s. Let me know what you think.


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