First off, Happy New Year!

It’s been about a month since I last posted something, and with the Christmas holiday I did think it would be better to wait until now before restarting.

So, one full day back at work and the holiday seems a distant memory already, but there is something to look forward to, and that is the UKTMF, for Test Managers.

UKTMF is the UK Test Management Forum, which has been around for 10 years, meeting quarterly in central London, and the 45th session is on Wednesday 28th January from 1.30pm GMT. It was run single handedly by Paul Gerrard up until last summer when he asked for volunteers to help, and I was one of a number of people who stepped forward, and am now a ‘friend of the forum’ helping out where needed, so I will declare an interest right now.

I do not intend to use this blog to promote attendance by Test Managers at every one of these, as I think you would soon get bored, but there is a specific talk that I would highlight, and that is by Stephen Janaway, on ‘How to Focus On Testing When There Are No Test Managers’.

Over the past few years there has been a trend moving away from having Test Managers performing the traditional role. With Agile teams, testers are often reporting in with the other Agile team members into another role, such as Product Owner. This then leaves us (who have spent years in testing working our way up to Test Manager level) to wonder where our careers will go next. Stephen has been through this and can give us an interesting perspective on how his role has changed, and I hope this will open a discussion as to how we need to adapt to the changing role of the Test Manager, and to look at skills we have that are transferable to other roles within IT.

The cost is £20, plus VAT, which is great value for an afternoon session. There are three parallel talks at 2pm and three more at 3.45pm – you decide on the day which ones to attend. And there are refreshments, and drinks afterwards.

The other talks are equally as good, and Joanna Newman will be doing one at the same time as Stephen’s on how to attract, retain and motivate ‘millenials’. I will be very torn on the day as I’d like to go to both!!

If you’d like to book a place, then here is the link:

Thanks for reading!


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