Test Management Forum

Yes, it’s back – and this time its for 2 days!

I’m part of the group that is helping Paul Gerrard to run the Test Management Forums, which in July, October and January runs for half a day, in the afternoon. But…..every April is a 2 day summit, which this year is on 28th and 29th April at Ball’s Brothers in London, and features a choice of half day workshops on day 1, and a choice of 75 minute sessions on day 2.

I’m presenting a session on managing offshore testing on day 2, and am hoping that it is interactive – in fact most speakers will not want to stand up for 75 minutes and do a monologue! I am looking for it to be an interesting discussion on the problems found, the benefits and how we as test managers can be better prepared to manager testing that is not performed within our own onshore teams.

For more details, you can download the programmes and session abstracts here http://uktmf.com/ and there is a link for purchasing tickets. Plus, there is a dinner on the 29th – the food is great and it is a good chance for networking too!

Hope to see you there.


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