Why wont recruiters listen?

I have a pram and I have some toys. The toys are going to be thrown out of the aforementioned pram, right about…..now!.

Probably due to the fact that I publicise any roles I am recruiting for on Linked-in, I seem to have hit the radar big time for software recruiters. I get a number of calls each week, all telling me that they are speaking to wonderful candidates, and asking me if I am recruiting.

I have no idea how they get my direct phone number as I do not publicise that, and I also am very careful to put ‘No Agencies Please’ on all my job postings.

The calls usually involve me listening to a lot of blurb, then trying to get a word in edge-ways to explain that we have a preferred supplier list. If the agency is not on it, then I am not going to talk to them. For some odd reason, it is difficult for people to understand that basic concept, so let me explain using Cucumber language (it’s something we testers use well):

Given we have a preferred supplier list,
When a recruiter makes an unsolicited telephone call to me who is NOT on that list
Then I will not tell them that we do deal with them,
And that is the end of the conversation.

It is simple and easy to understand.

I understand that everyone has a job to do, and recruiters need to earn their salaries as much as I do, but here is an important point I need to make, and if you read this as a recruiter then you need to understand this:

“If you do not listen to me when I am trying to explain the situation, and you try to but-in and do an aggressive sales pitch, then I have no confidence in your ability to properly listen to my requirements, and I will not recommend that you be added to a preferred supplier list”. Why would i?

Prove that you can listen and respect my reply when I say ‘No thank you’, and one day I might remember that you did, and be willing to work with you.


2 thoughts on “Why wont recruiters listen?

  1. I agree. Humans have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason.

    Aggressive sales never work and if they do they don’t encourage repeat sales.

    Although we’re not all bad 🙂



  2. Here! Here! I know they get hold of me by calling the main number and either asking for me by my name they found online somewhere, or CV; or they ask for the QA or Test Manager and get me. Even when I tell them I am a lone UK tester and all other testers are either customers (who I deal with) or off shore in India they still don’t listen and want to try to sell someone (more likely their services). I usually give up and give them HR contact number as someone who is recruiting – and let them deal with it.


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