There are a number of things I have been involved with recently which have highlighted the importance and necessity of the Testing Community.

We are fortunate to work in an exciting industry – testing technologies, some ground-breaking and others less so, but what we do has an impact on others, and we like to think that our testing efforts result in better end products.

It’s this mindset which I think also feeds into some of the great collaboration that we see.

In my role, I co-run a Testers Chapter (we refer as the QA Chapter – I dislike using the term QA, but thats for another post). This was created in 2011, with no more than 20 testers from different groups within our organisation. As of May 2017, I have 2 people helping me to organise and run the sessions, and there are 85 invitees from the UK, USA and Europe. It’s staggering to be honest to look at the numbers and think that we have that many testers across the globe – many of whom have never met, and are unaware of each others existence. It is a fantastic achievement, and something I am proud to have created and fostered. Our internal community has helped many testers to share problems and solutions, ask for general guidance, and not to feel alone in their day jobs. Some of the testers work with others, but there are testers who are alone in a group and this really serves a need – people to reach out to and ask for help when needed. And that for me is why I do this.

Outside of work, there are many other communities of testers here in the UK, and I have started getting involved in mentoring, as part of the Ministry of Testing, and also the BCS Specialist Testing Interest group, as I want to give something back.

Actually there are a lot of other testers out there who are doing just that. I could name so many who have set up free meetups, training sessions etc (e.g. Rosie Sherry, Tony Bruce, Abby Bangser, Mark Winteringham, Dan Ashby, Richard Bradshaw to name a few), and what I love about this is how much time and effort people are prepared to give back – for nothing!

We are very lucky to be part of this, and I’d encourage you to get involved in your community – whether it is specific to a particular job discipline such as Testing, Business Analysis, or more general around Agile and delivery. It’s really rewarding to meet new people who you’d never get a chance to meet in your day job, and it’s fun to try out new things too.

If you haven’t connected with any other testers yet, why not do a quick Google search – within 5 minutes you’ll have found something going on near you.

Right, now to ‘walk the walk’ and book the next Testers Chapter….