About me.

I work for a large B2B (business to business) data company, which has transitioned from being a print based publisher to selling data on-line.

My role is a Test Manager, managing a team of permanent and contract testers, and working with offshore partners. 

I have been a software tester, senior tester, test lead and am now a manager. My career has been in software testing, from the days of manual functional testing on mainframe internal banking systems, the early e-business banking systems (everything was called ‘e’ something!), making the transition from Waterfall to Agile, moving from manual to automated tests on web applications. I am also involved with Security testing.

I have had the privilege of presenting at conferences and been a panellist at others, and in February 2013 had an article published in Professional Tester on writing good user stories, and another article is due in the September 2015 edition of Test magazine.


When I am not testing, I can be found broadcasting an 80’s music show on alternate Saturdays on a community radio station in Sussex, England – http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk.


Anything I post on this blog is my own opinion and does not necessarily represent the opinion of my employer.


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